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Patrick Goergen

Founder & CEO

Patrick has a legal background. After law studies (Maîtrise 1994, Master in European law litigation, 2000, at University Robert Schuman Strasbourg), he worked as a lawyer at Luxembourg bar Association (1995-2014).

He has an extensive experience in export control compliance projects. Since 2013, he has successfully advised Luxembourg based actors and companies, including multinationals and space companies, in the drafting and implementation of Internal Compliance Programs (ICPs) which allow those companies to apply for global licenses. He is active in license applications and management for those companies, acts as an external export control compliance officer for several companies and is implementing trainings and audits in this field. He has created and is managing the LinkedIn group “Export Control Compliance Officers in the EU”, with an ever-growing number of members, now reaching more than 700 members (open on invitation only). He is regularly posting articles, news and legal updates in this group.

He speaks English, French, German and Luxembourgish. 


Pierre Rasmusen

Project Manager

Pierre Rasmusen holds a Bachelor degree in Aviation Management (IUBH University of Applied Sciences, 2015) and a Master's degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (University of Southern Denmark, 2018).

He speaks English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

He worked with Cargolux and Lycée Technique du Centre. Pierre has joined RespectUs as a Business Analyst in September 2021 and was promoted Project Manager in August 2022.


Lisa Kucher

Lead Legal & Business Analyst

Lisa has a Master degree in International and Transnational Law (University of Helsinki, 2019) and a Masters in Space and Telecommunications Law (University Paris XI, 2020). She followed Space Studies Program 19 at International Space University (2019).

She speaks English, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Lisa joined RespectUs in October 2020.



Business Analyst

Cenan l-Ekabi is from Canada, and he has over a decade of experience working in the space sector. After obtaining Political Science and Law degrees in North America, he continued his studies in the Netherlands and throughout his professional roles in Europe. He holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science (McMaster University, 2005), a bachelor law degree (JD, Cooley Law School, 2009), an advanced studies legal masters degree in European and International Business Law (adv. LL.M., Leiden University, 2010), and an advanced studies legal masters degree in Air and Space Law (adv. LL.M., Leiden University, 2011).

After his studies, Cenan joined the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) as a Research Fellow, producing many books and reports on developments in the space sector. During this time, he also studied at the International Space University (ISU) summer program. He then joined the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) as a Projects Manager, producing several large conferences in the space sector. Cenan then joined the Open Lunar Foundation (OLF) as a Research Fellow, working with stakeholders in the space community to advance the development of policy concepts and dialogs in this domain.

Cenan has a passion for challenging projects, and strives to help the community wherever he can make an impact. He lives in the Netherlands with his family; he enjoys activities like home science experiments with his daughter; and he likes to explore and to discover new flavours and recipes along the way.

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Daniel Biedermann

Strategic Advisor

Daniel is a Space veteran. After engineer studies at Swissair aircraft engineering school (1985) and an executive training in Satellite Design basis (ISAE-SUPAERO, 1994), he earned a MBA at University of Stirling (1996).

He worked with Arianespace (1991-1999), Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) in Luxembourg (2000-2019) where he was responsible for SES strategic planning, M&A activities, strategic market intelligence and business innovation. He is an independent business consultant since August 2019.

He joined RespectUs as a strategic advisor in September 2020.


Marc Ben Fatma


Marc Ben Fatma is part of the team since October 2022. 

He holds a Master degree in Electric Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University (Luxembourg). He has 20 years of experience as a Developer.

Marc is very interested in new technologies. He enjoys activities like travelling and discovering new cultures.  He speaks English and French.


Chatphon Hasser


Chatphon studied Software Engineering at the university of Central Lancashire (England) and has a bachelor in Computer Science from the university of Luxembourg.

He previously worked as a JAVA Developer Consultant and later on as a Software Engineer. Furthermore, he has expanded his knowledge during his free time and created an Android and WEB Console application.

He speaks English, French, Luxembourgish, German, Portuguese and Thai.

Chatphon joined RespectUs in October 2022.

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Systems Architect

Our Systems Architect is responsible for analyzing processes within our company looking to fulfil customer’s needs. He / she acts as the link between users and the technical team in charge of developing the application. 

Core responsibilities: 

  • Set up software architecture system for a SaaS platform

  • Work with developers in an agile process

  • Analyze and evaluate existing systems for performance 

  • Perform gap analysis and suggest solutions 

  • Create plans for change based on analysed requirements 

  • Facilitate configuration management 

  • Document changes being made and relevant teaching manuals 

  • Collaborate with other team members to efficiently implement changes 

  • Simulate and test suggestions made for performance

  • Write user manuals and prepare easy to understand documentation 

  • Assess, install, and troubleshoot software systems 

  • Check functionality of the end product 

  • Communicate with stakeholders (external & internal)

Skills required: 

  • In-depth knowledge of IT and computer science principles

  • Advanced Excel capabilities and SQL knowledge

  • Knowledge of data warehousing

  • Strong leadership ability and interpersonal skills

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Leadership and multitasking skills

  • Start-up spirit, great motivation and teamwork skills

  • Excellent command of English. French and/or German are considered as an advantage. 

Employment conditions:

  • This position is based in Luxembourg. Partly remote working solutions can be discussed.

  • Contract type: permanent 

  • Part time or freelance may be discussed.

Startup Development Team

Developer for a SaaS platform

Mission: Computer programming and coding (backend). Software development. 


  • Degree in computer science or related field.

  • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills, good documentation skills, experience in creating detailed reports and giving presentations

  • Start-up spirit, great motivation and teamwork skills

  • Excellent command of English. French and/or German are considered as an advantage. 

Employment conditions:

  • This position is based in Luxembourg. Partly remote working solutions can be discussed.

  • Contract type: permanent 

  • Full time.

Female Business Owners

Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts are serving as liaisons between clients, developers, and management in the development of our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business. They create, develop, and maintain internal processes necessary for the platform development, monitor customer needs and ensure these needs are met in the final product.

This mission includes:

  • Evaluating, in the frame of our SaaS platform for export control compliance, business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions

  • Performing impact analysis and creating user stories/use cases

  • Contributing to and maintaining the platform database

  • Working in collaboration with Developer team to hand off product specifications and review the completed developed items.

  • Working in tandem with Project Management to manage project scope, and work closely with team leads to plan, size and manage sprints

  • Updating, implementing, and maintaining internal business documentation

  • Educating future users about platform capabilities, available data, what it means, and how to access it.

  • Regularly checking and updating sanction lists and related legal texts

  • Contributing to professional services for clients in the field of export control (trainings, compliance, preparation of export control licenses.)

  • Providing leadership, training, coaching and guidance to junior staff

Preferred skills and experience:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Management, Law, Information Technology, or a similar field

  • Experience working with senior decision makers, strong communication / interpersonal skills, and a proven analytical background

  • Strong understanding of regulatory and reporting requirements as well as experience in forecasting, budgeting and financial analysis combined with understanding of key performance indicators

  • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills, good documentation skills, experience in creating detailed reports and giving presentations

  • Start-up spirit, great motivation and teamwork skills

  • Excellent command of English. French and/or German are considered as an advantage. 

  • Interest in space industry

Employment conditions:

  • This position is based in Luxembourg, however partly remote working solutions can be discussed

  • Contract type: permanent 

  • Estimated salary: €40k/year (bonus possible)

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Free-lance Country Expert

Mission: Freelance. Provide expert advice with regard to your country's law on export control. Monitor continuously development of your country's law, case-law and practice on export control. Cooperate with RespectUs.

Qualification: Very deep understanding of and expertise in your country's regulations on export control compliance.

Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication. Ability to transform legal provisions into an easily understandable web content.