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Your Journey towards a successful ICP

RespectUs offers companies a 90 days path to demonstrate compliance with export control regulations Taking into consideration rapid scientific and technological advancements, the complexity of today's supply chains and the ever growing significance of non-State actors, effective trade controls depend to a great extent on the awareness of companies and their active efforts to comply with trade restrictions. To this end, companies usually put in place a set of internal policies and procedures, also known as an Internal Compliance Programme (ICP), to ensure compliance with international and national trade control laws and regulations. The scope and the extent of these policies and procedures are usually determined by the size and the commercial activities of the specific company.

We have extended experience in assisting companies to complete ICPs and obtain their validation by licensing authorities. We have a clear path and offer full transparency to our clients. During a first 1 hour introduction meeting (in presence or remotely), we would like to know your ICP scope, the size and structure of your company and the number of jurisdictions involved. Within 10 days, you will get a full consulting business proposal with a fix price. Once you have approved this proposal, we schedule the kick-off meeting. Within 90 days after kick-off, you will receive a full 10 chapter ICP. Download our brochure below:

Download PDF • 2.02MB

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