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Where does the EU export COVID-19 vaccines to and how many doses have been exported?

The EU Commission set up a monitoring mechanism to ensure the transparency in the export of COVID-19 vaccines. On 28 January 2022, they released statistics on the export of COVID-19 vaccines from the EU. The EU exported a total of 1,783,997,198 vaccines to 165 countries since November 2020. Most vaccines were sent to Asia and Pacific (802,890,949), followed by Europe (322,748,636), Africa (277,339,743), Americas (262,161,166), and finally the Middle East excluding Northern Africa (118,856,704).

The graph below shows the top 20 countries the EU exports COVID-19 vaccines to. The top country is Japan with 249,115,344 vaccines, followed by the United Kingdom with 142,284,300 vaccines and Turkey with 107,983,320 vaccines.

Source: EU Commission

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