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We are hiring - 2 developers for SaaS platform

Working under the Chief Technical Officer, he/she will get the following mission:

  • Computer programming and coding in a SaaS platform

  • Design and develop secure cloud applications, services and products, including back-end, front-end, web application, full-stack, data and application integration, and cloud application deployment

  • Plan ahead and design a stable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy

  • Software testing

Candidates should have a degree in computer science or related field.

We encourage developers who are team players, problem-solvers and logical thinkers. We expect an excellent verbal communication, software engineering proficiency, technical ability to develop cloud-ready applications, a profound understanding of the cloud marketplace. Preference would go to candidates having SaaS application configuration skills.

All positions require an excellent command of English. French and/or German are considered as an advantage.

Working place is Luxembourg. Start-up mood, great motivation and excellent teamwork ability are presumed from all candidates.

Positions will be for 1 September 2021 at the latest.

Apply online under

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