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US BIS Takes Action Against Russian Cargo Airline Operating in Violation of US Export Controls

On 21 April, the Bureau of Industry and Security, via its Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, issued a Temporary Denial Order towards the Russian cargo carrier "Aviastar", headquartered in Moscow and a provider of a variety of cargo services to Russia.

According to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR), the Assistant Secretary may issue an order to temporarily deny any or all of the export privileges upon showing that the order is necessary in the public interest or to prevent a violation of US provisions on export control, such as the Export Administration Act or the Export Administration Regulations.

The Temporary Denial Order (TDO) issued bans Aviastar from participating in any export and reexports transaction from the US. The Order may be renewed after 180 days and is one of the strongest civil measures that American export control authorities can take towards a foreign entity.

The full text of the TDO can be read here.

Source: US Department of Commerce

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