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Ukraine: Sanctions against Russia

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The sanctions against Russia with regard to the situation in Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea and Sevastopol are extending more and more. Do you want a short, but complete and precise update on the sanctions in place at EU level ?

RespectUs, the export control compliance experts, have set up a dedicated webpage for the EU Russia sanctions.

These include:

Sanctions regarding trade on goods and technology

  • defence-related products

  • goods contributing to Russia's military and technological enhancement

  • dual-use goods

  • goods originating in Donetsk/Luhansk and Crimea/Sevastopol

  • goods for oil refining

  • goods for aviation and space industry

  • goods for use in oil and gas production

  • goods and technology for use in transport, telecommunications, energy, oil, gas and mineral resources

  • maritime navigation goods

  • iron & steel products

  • luxury goods

  • goods generating significant revenues for Russia

  • coal and other solid fossil fuels

  • goods contributing to the enhancements of Russian industrial capabilities

Financial sanctions

  • freezing of funds

  • issuance of financial instruments

  • trade financing

  • deposits

  • reserves

  • banknotes

  • Swift messaging

  • credit rating services

  • investment in Donetsk/Luhansk and Crimea/Sevastopol

  • financing under EU, Euratom or EU States national programmes

  • management and business services

Sanctions on services

  • tourism in Donetsk/Luhansk and Crimea/Sevastopol

  • aviation

  • media broadcasting

  • access to EU ports

  • goods transport by road

  • public or concession contracts

The webpage is updated daily, and contains lists of sanctioned persons/entities and products.

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