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UK publishes new advice on how to comply with its recently broadened sanctions against Russia

The U.K. has had an independent sanctions regime since leaving the EU entirely in late 2020. Its Export Control Unit has now updated its guidance on the sanctions imposed on Russia and how they will affect U.K. traders doing business with entities from or associated with the country.

The legislation expands the sanctions to include Russian companies and entities with "economic importance" to the Russian government, as well as those operating in nine sectors of strategic importance to the Kremlin. These sectors are: Chemicals, Construction, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Mining, Financial Services, Information, Communications and Digital Technologies, Transportation.

The guidance also covers controls against trading and supplying multiple classifications of goods, including: military goods and military technology; any goods of Chapter 93 of the Goods Classification Table other than military goods; the provision of services, funds, or personnel that enable or facilitate the conduct of certain military activities dual-use goods and technologies; energy-related goods and services; infrastructure-related goods; services related to relevant infrastructure sectors in Crimea; services related to tourism in Crimea.

In the new guidelines, it is indicated how companies can comply with the new bans and requirements, and how the government is enforcing the new rules circumstances in which the new rules do not apply. Source:

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