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UK implements new Sanctions List format with several new fields

From 21 February 2022, the UK Sanctions List will be published in an updated format. From 31 January to 21 February, the new formats will be published alongside the existing UK Sanctions List.

The updated format will implement several changes, including changes to the Alias strength and name fields, and the introduction of additional fields and file formats for aliases to primary and secondary names, for addresses, passport numbers and national number identifiers. Changes will also be made to the consolidated Office of Financial Sanctions Implementations list, which will include 7 new fields:

  • Alias Quality

  • Non-Latin Script Alias

  • Non-Latin Script Type

  • Non-Latin Script Language

  • Passport Number

  • National Identification Details

  • UK Sanctions List Date Designated

The full changelog can be read here. Some of these regimes contain sanctions measures (for instance asset-freezes or travel bans) which apply in respect of persons or ships which have been designated or specified. Source: UK Government

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