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Trade in Exotic Items: European Commission Expands Restrictions on Ivory Trade

On 16 December 2021, the European Commission issued further restrictions on the ivory trade as part of a new EU Directive against environmental crime. The new regulation targets raw ivory, but it also suspends issuing export certificates for worked ivory specimens that were acquired after 1947 (except for pre-1975 musical instruments). While allowances have been made for scientific and educational study, family heirlooms, and exchanges of cultural goods between institutions, as explained in the guidance documentation, this regulation limits the internal EU trade of antique worked ivory to pre-1947 antiques or pre-1975 musical instruments. Owners of worked ivory will still have to prove the legal acquisition of an item using when applying for an export permit, which will be a high burden for older items. The regulation comes into force on 19 January 2022.

Source: European Commission - Press Release

Source: European Commission Regulation

Source: European Commission - Ending most ivory trade in the EU - guidance and amendments

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