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The Recast Dual-Use Regulation replaces document codes for Dual-Use Customs Export Declarations.

The EU's Dual-Use Regulation 2021/821 entered into force on 9 September 2021; it replaces the previous Dual-Use Regulation introduced in 2009. The recast regulation introduces thirteen new document codes for EU customs export declarations for exports and transits of dual-use items. The new codes replace the previous document code “X002”, which was valid for all dual-use applications. Now, depending on the type of authorisation/license being sought, the document code will range from “X060” – to – “X072”.

More specifically, when completing box 44 of the Single Administrative Document (SAD) to apply for an authorisation/license, an exporter should use the code X060 for an “individual export authorisation”. The codes for a “Union General Export Authorisation (UGEA)”, i.e. EU001 – to – EU008, range from X061 – to – X068 respectively. A “global export authorisation” uses the code X070. A National General Export Authorisation (NGEA) uses the code X071. And a “transit authorisation” uses the code X072.

With this recent update, some delay has been encountered while the document codes are being put in order. For instance, export declarations in the Netherlands were stuck; for those applications the emergency procedure in consultation with customs was recommended. However, by the end of September, that disruption had cleared, and the new codes could be used for export declarations.


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