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The Netherlands relaxes the licensing policy for exports of military-related items to Turkey

Since 11 October 2019, in response to the Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, the Netherlands has suspended the processing of all new license applications for export of military goods to Turkey. This situation has changed on 15 October 2021, as the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced the end of the two-year application suspension.

The processing of licence applications for the export of military goods or dual-use goods with military end use to Turkey fully resumes starting immediately from the 15th of October.

As indicated by the Government, applications will be assessed on the basis of a presumption of denial, where a licence will only be issued if the applicant can incontrovertibly demonstrate that the goods will not be used in northeastern Syria. In addition, licence applications must meet the eight criteria of the EU’s Common Position on Arms Exports.

The policy applies to all licences with Turkey as the final destination. However, it applies only to military goods and dual-use goods with military end use. does not apply to dual-use goods with civilian end use.

From the words of the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, this adjustment makes policy more transparent and enables the Government to exert influence on the policy of other EU countries through the EU denial system, whereby other EU member states are obliged to consult the Netherlands on similar permit applications that have been rejected by the Netherlands.

Source: Government of the Netherlands

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