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The EU Commission launches a consultation platform in the framework of EU-US TTC

The EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) was initiated in Brussels on 15 June 2021 to deepen transatlantic trade and economic relations between the European Union and the United States.

Following the inaugural meeting of the TTC held on 29 September 2021 in Pittsburgh, USA, a joint statement was published, and both parties agreed on the importance of involving diverse stakeholders to collect their inputs on global technology, economic, and trade issues.

On the 18 October 2021, the EU Commission launched a one-stop-shop on its online “Futurium” platform. Businesses, public authorities, innovators, researchers, civil society, and policymakers are invited to share their views on this virtual space. It consists of 10 Working Groups open for discussions. Working group 7 is dedicated to Export control. Contributors will have their voice heard but will also receive important information and updates on the progress of the different working groups. The next meeting of the TTC is planned in 2022.

Source: EU - US Trade and Technology Council

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