Space Technologies - Series (5)

Today, part 5 - Dual-use codes for space technologies

The following dual-use codes apply for space technologies by virtue of EU Regulation 428/2009:

Annex I - Category 1 - Special materials and related equipment:

1A102: Certain materials and computer systems which are designed and used for space launch vehicles and sounding rockets

Category 3 – Electronics

3A001.b.1.a.4.c.: Space-qualified travelling wave tubes

3A002.g.1.: Space-qualified atomic frequency standards

Category 4 – Computers

4A101: Certain materials and computer systems which are designed and used for space launch vehicles and sounding rockets

Category 5 – Telecommunications and information security

5E001.b.1.: Technology required for the development or production of telecommunications equipment specially designed to be used on board satellites

Category 6 – Sensors and lasers

6A108.a.: Radar and tracking systems

6A002.a.1.: Space-qualified solid-state detectors and imaging sensors designed for remote sensing applications

6A003.d.1: Cryocoolers

6A008.j.1.: Laser radars and light detection and ranging equipment

Category 7 - Navigation and avionics

7A105.a.: Receiving equipment for GNSS

7A106: Altimeters

7A116: Flight control systems

7A117: High accuracy guidance sets deployed in launch vehicles

7A003.d.2.: Space-qualified inertial measurement equipment

7A005: GNSS receiving equipment for military

Category 9 - Aerospace and propulsion

9A104: Sounding rockets capable of a range of at least 300 km

9A004.: Space launch vehicles

9A004.b.: Spacecraft

9A004.c.: Spacecraft buses

9A004.d.: Spacecraft payloads

9A004.e.: On-board systems specially designed for spacecraft

9A004.f.: Terrestrial equipment specially designed for spacecraft

9A010: Components, systems and structures therefor

9A005: Rocket propulsion systems

9A115: Launch support equipment

9A117: Staging and separation mechanisms deployed in launch vehicles

Annex IV

9A004 / 9A104: space launch vehicles and sounding rockets capable of delivering at least a 500 kg payload to a range of at least 300 km

9B116 / 9D101 / 9E001/ 9E002 / 9E101 / 9E102: specially designed production facilities (and its software and technology) for space launch vehicles

9A005 / 9A007.a. / 9A008.d.: rocket propulsion systems and components therefor

9A105.a. / 9A106.c. / 9A108.c. / 9A119: liquid propellant rocket engines

9B115: specially designed production equipment therefor


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