Space Technologies - Series (4)

Today, part 4 - Basics on dual-use classification

EU Regulation 428/2009 provides a common list of dual-use items. Based on multilateral export control regimes, the list is updated periodically (at least, once a year) by the European Commission. 

Each item is identified by a dual-use code, comprising a combinaison of letters and numbers.

A correlation table, published by the European Commission but with no binding character, provides possible dual-use codes for any particular good ion the basis of its CN code.

The Annex I list comprises over 500 dual-use items. Covered are both nw and used goos. Components of non-listed goos are subject to trade control when the listed component is the principal element of the good and can easily be removed or used for other purposes.

Dual-use items are subdivided into 10 categories:

  • Category 0 - Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment

  • Category 1 – Special materials and related equipment

  • Category 2 – Materials processing

  • Category 3 – Electronics

  • Category 4 – Computers

  • Category 5 – Telecommunications and « information security”

  • Category 6 – Sensors and lasers

  • Category 7 – Navigation and avionics

  • Category 8 – Marine

  • Category 9 – Aerospace and propulsion

There is also another list in Annex IV of Regulation 428/2009. Items mentioned therein are considered the most sensitive in terms of potential contribution to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. They are identified by the same designator used in Annex I. Annex IV is subdivided in two parts:

Part I: 

  • Items of stealth technology

  • Items of the Community strategic control

  • Items of the Community strategic control - Cryptography - Category 5 Part 2

Part II: 

  • Items of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

  • Items of the NSG technology  


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