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Sanctions imposed on Belarus

The EU, US, UK and Canada have updated their sanctions lists due to the violation of human rights, repression and the disregard of international norms by the Lukashenka regime in- and outside of Belarus

With repeated acts of repression and continuous violations of human rights & fundamental freedoms, and disregard for international law by the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, the EU, US, UK and Canada issued a joint statement on December 2 to impose further sanctions on Belarus. The EU Council added 17 individuals and 11 entities to the EU's Belarus sanctions list. The sanctioned individuals include high-ranking political officials of the Lukashenko regime. An airline (Belavia Airlines), hotels and tour operators in connection with helping the illegal crossing of borders through Belarus to the EU. Press release

The US sanctioned 20 individuals and 12 entities and identified 3 aircraft as blocked property. Press release

The UK updated their Belarus regime sanction list by 8 individuals and 1 entity (Open Joint Stock Company " Belaruskali"). Press release

Canada imposed sanctions against 24 individuals and 7 entities. Press release

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