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RespectUs Team Welcomes New CTO

RespectUs is happy to announce the arrival of his new CTO Samuel Doring.

Samuel holds a master of Mathematics and Software engineering, as well as the IQBBA certification (International Qualification Board for Business Analysis). With an experience of more than 15 years as an IT engineer in Luxembourg, he fulfilled positions as Developer, Functional Analyst, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Team Leader and eventually Head of IT for a Luxembourg-based company.

For RespectUs, he will share this rich experience, advise the team on the IT strategy to enforce and support the smooth implementation of the whole project, putting Agile principles into action.

He likes sharing his knowledge with and learn from the Team. He constantly tends to create an environment that facilitates collective intelligence.

During his free time, he grows vegetable on his terrace and makes photographs. The team is making the most of his smart advises and, above all, of his sense of humour!

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