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RespectUS launches career portal dedicated to jobs in export control compliance

Every company involved in international trade (export and import) must be able to ensure that their business/trading process is in accordance with applicable export control rules and regulations. Such compliance must ensure that transactions and trade processes can run well.

An export control compliance officer exists for that exact purpose. This officer oversees their company’s compliance and makes sure their company complies with all domestic and international laws or regulations relating to trade.

We at RespectUs, the experts in export control compliance, are working with exporters of sensitive goods and their suppliers. We are also engaged with export control compliance officers to whom we are providing easier tools to do product classification, customer screening, end-use checks and license determination.

To help our customers to find qualified talents for export control jobs, we have now added to our services a job portal entirely focussed on this niche jobs.

Employers may post their jobs and candidates may build their own candidate profile and apply to the position they'd like to cover. All in 3 languages (English, French and German).

The entire job portal is FREE of charge for the initial 3 months period (until 15 September 2022).

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