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RespectUs digital platform on export control compliance - version 1.0 released

RespectUs has delivered on 20 December 2022 the first version of its one-stop-shop digital platform on export control compliance.

The Luxembourg based startup, a graduate of Fit4Start (9th ed., 2020), is wrapping up the export control compliance world by offering an easy-to-use tool to do product classification with regard to export control lists, customer screening, risk assessment, license determination and a lot more.

In total 7 modules, built from scratch within 15 months. A dedicated and multi-cultural team of 11 people, focused on export control and space, working from Luxembourg, with the support of the Luxembourg national space program LuxIMPULSE under an ESA contract.

Beginning in January 2023, the platform will be offered for early testing by external users. If you want to part of our journey to facilitate complex compliance work and test our application, send us an email.

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