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OCEIT reporting required for 2021 exports by Luxembourg exporters - deadline 31 January

Luxembourg law requires exporters to provide the licensing authorities (OCEIT within the Ministry of Economy) by 31 January 2022 with information of transfers and exports made on the basis of a general EU or a Luxembourg global authorization in 2021.

This concerns defence-related products (article 24 of the Export Control Law of 27 June 2018) and dual-use items (article 39).

The required information, summarized by country, shall specifiy for each recipient:

  1. the description of the relevant items and their references in the control list;

  2. the quantity and value of the items exported;

  3. dates of exports;

  4. the end-use and the end-user of the items.

Failure to provide the information require may result in an imprisonment up to 3 years and/or a fine up to 50.000 euros.

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