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New Monitoring Tool for the Export of COVID-19 Vaccines

EU replaces the transparency and authorisation mechanism for COVID-19 vaccines with a new monitoring tool

As of 1 January 2022, it will no longer be required for COVID-19 vaccine producers to request an authorisation to export their vaccines outside the EU. The COVID-19 vaccines export transparency and authorisation mechanism will be replaces by a new monitoring mechanism which will facilitate the distribution of vaccines worldwide while providing the European Commission with export data on vaccines.

In the battle against the epidemic, the EU plays a significant role as:

  • 1.3 billion doses have been exported, making the EU the biggest provider of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

  • at least 500 million doses will be donated in the upcoming months to the most vulnerable countries.

  • 1 billion Euros are allocated to create production hubs in Africa with the goal to increase the capacity of vaccines production permanently and establish a better distribution.

The efforts made by the EU were also stated by Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Trade Vladis Dombrovskis: “The EU has been at the forefront of the global vaccination effort. We have exported over half our vaccines production and we have supported and funded initiatives such as COVAX, which help to ensure vaccine access to those parts of the world most in need. Mindful of our global responsibilities, I am pleased that we will now replace our current authorisation system with a new monitoring mechanism to get precise data on our exports. There is still important work to be done in the drive to vaccinate the world, therefore we will redouble our efforts on all fronts at the upcoming WTO Ministerial meeting to ensure a holistic global response to the pandemic.” A comment by Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, underlines the EU's solidarity during these difficult times: “Vaccinating the world is a necessity to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. For us it was never about the EU first, vaccine solidarity was our hallmark from the outset. The EU has shown solidarity even at the most difficult times and exported well over half of the vaccine doses we have produced to other countries of the world. We will continue doing so while maintaining transparency and information sharing on our exports, leading the global efforts to save lives and end this global health crisis.” The purpose of the export authorisation mechanism for COVID-19 vaccines was to ensure vaccine deliveries for Europeans. It has improved the supply chain, deliveries and transparency of vaccine production. In the Union, the increasing pace in deliveries led to a progression of the vaccination campaign. However, the campaign is still ongoing and with the risk of new variation outbreaks of the virus call for further efforts and transparency in the export of vaccines. The EU plans to do so with the new monitoring mechanism. Source: European Commission

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