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New job opening @ RespectUs - We're looking for a System Architect

Our Systems Architect is responsible for analyzing processes within our company looking to fulfil customer’s needs. He / she acts as the link between users and the technical team in charge of developing the application.

Core responsibilities:

  • Set up software architecture system for a SaaS platform

  • Work with developers in an agile process

  • Analyze and evaluate existing systems for performance

  • Perform gap analysis and suggest solutions

  • Create plans for change based on analysed requirements

  • Facilitate configuration management

  • Document changes being made and relevant teaching manuals

  • Collaborate with other team members to efficiently implement changes

  • Simulate and test suggestions made for performance

  • Write user manuals and prepare easy to understand documentation

  • Assess, install, and troubleshoot software systems

  • Check functionality of the end product

  • Communicate with stakeholders (external & internal)

Skills required:

  • In-depth knowledge of IT and computer science principles

  • Advanced Excel capabilities and SQL knowledge

  • Knowledge of data warehousing

  • Strong leadership ability and interpersonal skills

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Leadership and multitasking skills

  • Start-up spirit, great motivation and teamwork skills

  • Excellent command of English. French and/or German are considered as an advantage.

Employment conditions:


  • This position is based in Luxembourg. Partly remote working solutions can be discussed.

  • Contract type: permanent

  • Part time or freelance may be discussed.

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