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How European companies are affected by the new Chinese Export Control Law - Webinar 30/6

RespectUs’ CEO Patrick Goergen is speaking at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce follow-up webinar “Digital Transformation and E-commerce” to Luxembourg’s 2020 e-trade mission to China.

The title of his presentation on 30 June 2021 (10.00-11.00 h, Luxembourg time) is “Export Control Law in China – How Luxembourg exporters are affected?”.

China published in December 2020 a new Export Control Law. It creates legal and investigative powers for the enforcement of Chinese export controls. While it imposes requirements on anyone who exports controlled goods from China, it also affects importers in Luxembourg and the EU. Patrick Goergen will identify the risks and suggest solutions to manage those risks.

Other presentations during this event (29 June – 1 July) via Zoom are dealing with a facilitated entry into the Chinese market and digital transformation – Make sure your business is ready for the reopening.

Register here.

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