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EU - Defence Transfers Directive Handbook for SMEs A useful tool for SME’s when dealing with the intra community trade of defence-related products. The aim of this Handbook published by the European Commission is to provide SMEs active in the defence sector with a simple presentation of the Transfers Directive 2009/43/EC and useful advice on how to make the most of it. The European defence industry plays a considerable role in guaranteeing the security and defence of Europe. With a turnover of €108 billion in 2018, it is also a major provider of growth and jobs.

France - Better information of the Parliament Better information of the Parliament for exports of arms and dual-use items. The French Government announces a yearly report on the export of dual-use items starting in 2022. Source: Press Release 21 June 2021

EU - Compliance Guidance for Research Institutions The European Commission has published a summary of contributions received during the public consultation in EU Compliance Guidance for research involving dual-use items (31 May 2021). The Commission is now preparing the guidance in the form of a Recommendation.

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