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Glossary - Word of the Day: "External security"

There is no universal definition of "external security", an expression which is used in export control. In Luxembourg law, “external security” means the security of foreign States or international or supra-national organizations with which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg pursues common objectives on the basis of an international treaty (Law of 27 June 2018 on export control, Article 2.12.). It opposes to “national security” that is the independence and sovereignty of the State, the security and functioning of the institutions, the fundamental rights and freedoms, the security of persons and property, the scientific and technical potential or the economic interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Law of 27 June 2018 on export control, Article 2.13.).

The most important threats to security in the EU ? See the publication of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (2015).

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