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From the Court: Germany - Imprisonment for Russia embargo violation

The Higher Regional Court in Hamburg has sentenced two men from Bavaria to prison for the prohibited delivery of machine tools to a Russian defence company. The main defendant, an entrepreneur from Augsburg, was said guilty of commercial infringement of the EU-Russia embargo. The 41-year-old received a sentence of 3 years and 9 months. In addition, the nearly 8 million euros paid by Russian buyers for the 15 aircraft will be confiscated (Ref.: 3 St 2/20).

A 40-year-old co-defendant from Munich was sentenced to 2 years probation for aiding and abetting. As a sales representative of a German company in Russia, he was also guilty of money laundering in two cases because he accepted commission payments. The 184,000 euros are to be confiscated, and the 40-year-old is to pay a further 150,000 euros as a condition of probation. The verdict is not yet final. Background: DPA 4 March 2021. Press release 8 December 2020

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