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EU - New sanctions expected for Ethiopia and Lebanon

EU High Representative Josep Borrell, on 12 July 2021, said that, given the situation in Lebanon, the objective is to complete a new sanctions regime until end of July 2021.

In Lebanon, the political stalemate would persist, while the economy is imploding and the suffering of the people of Lebanon is continuously growing. They would need to have a Lebanese government in order to avoid a crackdown of the country, fully able to implement the reforms and protect its population.

The situation in the Tigray region in Ethiopia would never have been as bad, despite of the ceasefire announced by the government of Ethiopia. It is a serious humanitarian crisis, with almost 1 million people at risk of famine, and ongoing use of violence against civilians and rape as a weapon of war. While the European Union will organise an humanitarian air bridge to try to bring support to the region, priorities would also be to consolidate the ceasefire, the withdrawal of foreign forces from Ethiopian territory. To stop Human Rights violations, the EU should be ready to use restrictive measures where they are justified and necessary in advancing these goals. The High Representative believes that the situation in Ethiopia would certainly require that the option of restrictive measures must be on the table.

Source: Foreign Affairs Council: Press remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell - 12 July 2021

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