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EU Commission imposes further anti-dumping measures on aluminium converter foil from China

On 12 December 2021, the EU Commission imposed countervailing duties on aluminium converter foil from China on top of the already imposed anti-dumping measures from 8 December 2021. The action of imposing theses duties are due to dumping and subsiding of imports which lead to a significant loss of market share and a cutback in terms of profit for producers in the EU. Aluminium converter foil has a market value of € 630 million and is an important commodity on the EU market as it is used for the manufacturing electric car batteries and in the packaging industry. By levelling the playing field for aluminium converter foil, the new tariffs will defend EU companies and workers in these sectors as imports from China no longer benefit of an unfair advantage. The EU Commission further notes that they will use all tools at their disposal to counteract against unfair trade practices that hurt the manufacturing industry of the EU.

Source: EU Commission

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