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Due Diligence Report for Export Control Compliance

Anyone in the export business knows that it is key to know their customer. The knowledge about a customer is, together with the product, the destination country and the end-use, part of the checks a company exporting sensitive goods has to operate prior to exporting.

It is good business practice to initiate, complete and update over time a customer profile where basic contact data, information about incorporation, managers and shareholders, financial information, recent orders and shipments, and a description of the end-use of your products are stored together and made accessible.

A deeper knowledge may be desired in case there are doubts about a customer's business or in case the customer is reluctant to provide information. A Due Diligence Report may help in such circumstances.

RespectUs is delivering Due Diligence Reports 7 business days after ordering.

Two types of reports are available:

1) Standard report (350 EUR + VAT if applicable)


  1. Corporate information: identification, contact details, incorporation, shareholders, share capital, branches/facilities, management, employees

  2. Business: activities, products and services, customers and partners

  3. Financials

  4. Adverse media check

  5. Regulatory information

  6. Red flag issues

  7. Noteworthy issues

  8. Government and political relations

  9. Screening against sanctions lists

2) Extended report (550 EUR + VAT if applicable)


Standard report + Screening of major shareholder(s)

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