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D-2: The RespectUs user management policy, with multiple features

Now that we have gone through the 7 modules of the RespectUs, time has come to speak business. How will we manage subscriptions?

We will put our customers in control

We do know that customers generally expect a business' website to include a self-service portal. We are implementing a self-service portal, to empower existing customers to manage subscriptions they already have. Whether it’s to:

  • upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan,

  • update billing details, or

  • close their account altogether.

We are giving customers control over their subscriptions, creating a better experience.

A registration page works similarly for someone wanting to become a paying customer for the first time. You will be able to log on at any time, select the plan options that work best for you, and begin using your product without ever having to contact a sales rep.

2. We will contribute to your success

Our ambition is that you feel confident in our product and see its value.

We will offer videos and article series for smaller accounts to learn about our product at their own pace. We may set up, with your consent, a series of training calls with a dedicated customer success representative to help you get off the ground sooner.

We will provide ongoing support and maintain a relationship with you. At every moment of using the platform, you may contact us for personalized assistance, or for answering your questions. This is for us a priority to serve you as much as possible. For longer assistance or specific needs you will express, we will direct you to our consulting department who takes over the relationship.

3. We will automate billing

You probably are not thrilled to receive late or error-ridden invoices. We will therefore use a billing solution that automates

  • subscription billing and recurring payment processing,

  • dunning communications,

  • failed transaction retries.

This helps us to focus on customer experience and improve the platform according to your feedback.

4. We will make cancelation easy

Of course, we do not want to see you cancelling your subscription. We have built this platform for you, in challenging times for export control, and with the goal to digitise the internal processes you have to follow to demonstrate compliance.

But if you are not satisfied, our cancelation process will be simple. We are offering monthly subscriptions, but no annual pricing or contracts. There will be financial incentives for longer subscription periods, yes.

But you will find the cancellation button in your dashboard, making the cancellation effective for the next monthly expiration date. You will not have to jump back and forth to find the button, or make 3 months of advance notice.

We will ask for your feedback if you cancel, but for the exclusive purpose of correcting errors or improving features. Perhaps will we get then a second chance later.

5. User management is your business

Of course, export control compliance is not the business of a person alone in a company. Management, product engineers, sales representatives, logistics department ... all positions have to collaborate in these requirements. A product classification will need inputs from different staff, and the same goes for setting up and updating a customer profile.

After the creation of your company account, the super admin will set the number of users he wants to offer access to the platform. Different roles (admin, editor, viewer) may be defined and attributed to the respective users. And we will not intervene in that process.

You see, we are dedicated to offer a good customer experience even with financial stuff.

Test us. Challenge us. Give us feedback so that we can improve and design this platform according to your specific needs.


For the RespectUs team,

Patrick Goergen, CEO


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