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D-1: Finally, let's release the pricing for the RespectUs export control platform

Dear Readers, The 7 modules of our export control compliance digital platform will be ready for subscription tomorrow 15 March 2023.

Pricing is always an issue, but should not be the unique relevant criteria for subscribing or not. Did you get a feeling how much added value our platform can provide you in your daily compliance work? If not, have a look on our blog series to read what we have developed for you. And you can always ask for a demo and/or a chat with myself and my team for general or specific questions.

We wanted to have the pricing structure clean and simple.

First, our Knowledge Base module will stay entirely free throughout 2023.

Second, we did not want, at least in a first step, to relate the pricing for a module to the number of checks or processes you will perform in the module. So no counting of name checks, or product classifications, or license determinations.

A third point: Our monthly prices are flat rates, each of them valid for up to 3 users within a company. Additional fees will occur once you will add your 4th user, and so on.

A last point: We offer 20% discount if you subscribe to all 7 modules of the platform. An additional 15% discount applies if you commit to 3 year contract for your package.

And, just to remind you, that our modules and packages may be cancelled at any time, effective for the next billing day.

But we do not want to loose you as a customer. We want to convince you of the added value and expertise we are providing. And go with you the long way of everyday compliance with export control regulations.

See you,

Cheers, For the RespectUs team, Patrick Goergen, CEO


Did you miss part(s) of the series? Read here the last blogs: 1 March 2023: D-14 RespectUs is opening subscriptions on 15 March 2023 2 March 2023: D-13 Knowledge Base, the collection of export control and sanctions regulations 3 March 2023: D-12 Product Classification made by RespectUs, to determine dual-use and military codes 6 March 2023: D-9: Sanctions & Embargoes, RespectUs style, to get fast answers to an interrogation about exports 7 March 2023: D-8 Customer Screening, with due diligence processes and name checks 8 March 2023: D-7: End-use checks, a set of diversion and other risk indicators designed by RespectUs 9 March 2023: D-6: Risk Assessment, designed by RespectUs, to determine your export control compliance risk level

10 March 2023: D-7 License Determination, a unique and innovative way to check if a license is needed

13 March 2023: D-2: The RespectUs user management policy, with multiple features

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