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Become early tester of RespectUs

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

We are happy to announce the release of our first three export control compliance modules

RespectUs is building the next generation platform for Export Control Compliance for Space companies and exporters/suppliers of sensitive items. Our platform offers an integrated service with an "all you need to know" approach towards exporting your goods and products. The platform will be composed of 7 individual modules ranging from a vast Knowledge Base of export control regulations, product classification tools, up-to-date sanctions and embargoes lists, customer screening and end-use checks, risk assessment and license determination solutions for the export of sensitive items and technology.

Our team has put forth the first three modules recently:

  • Knowledge Base where we provide a comprehensive overview of all up to date export control legal frameworks divided by countries for an effortless user experience, starting with Luxembourg and the EU

  • Risk Assessment tool that determines an overall business risk score depending on your company, customers, products in subject and export control practices to provide you a customized insight into your risk exposure for export control violations

  • License Determination which enables to find out if a specific operation, dealing with a product, an end-user and a destination country, is anyway restricted and/or subject to authorisation. In reality, this process serves to be very tedious and our platform is just making license determination a whole lot easier.

Now is a chance for you to be our very first early users to test our export control platform for FREE. Send us an email and discover the modules right now.

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