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09/11/2023 Never Stop Exploring : Use case

Product Classification Module: Streamlining Control List Compliance with RespectUs


Compliance with control lists is a critical aspect of international trade, especially for businesses dealing with potential defence-related and dual-use items. The Product Classification module developed by RespectUs simplifies this complex task. In this use-case, we'll delve into how this module assists users in determining whether their products are listed in a control list, leading to a better understanding of potential licensing requirements.

The Problem

Classifying products accurately against control lists is a challenging and time-consuming task, with several key challenges:

  • Control List Complexity: Control lists, including EU and national defence, dual-use, and other control lists, are extensive and intricate.

  • Jurisdiction Variability: Different jurisdictions and licensing authorities may have specific classification requirements, making the process even more complicated.

  • CN Classification Uncertainty: Users might not always know the correct CN (Combined Nomenclature) classification of their product, creating ambiguity in the classification process.

  • Data Support: Integrating technical specifications, images, and datasheets into the classification process requires a seamless solution.

The Solution - Product Classification on the RespectUs platform

RespectUs's Product Classification module provides a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges of classifying products against control lists.

Key Features and Benefits:

Product Identification

  • Complete Product Details: Users can input vital information about their products, including the product name or reference, a detailed product description, the product CN number, and the selected jurisdiction for classification. They can also specify the licensing authority.

  • Supporting Attachments: Users have the option to upload product images and datasheets to enhance their product descriptions. These attachments are included in the final product classification sheet.

  • CN Number Search: If users are unsure about the correct CN classification for their product, a "Detailed Search" feature allows them to search in databases using keywords or initial CN numbers.

Product Classification

  • Control List Assessment: Users can assess their product against various control lists, which are presented based on the selected licensing authority, for example, Luxembourg. They evaluate potential defense-related, torture, and dual-use classifications.

  • Keyword-Based Correlation: The words entered into the product description also function as key terms to search defense-related and torture goods control lists, identifying potential matches.

  • CN-Dual Use Correlation: The platform integrates the EU CN-Dual Use correlation table, displaying correlating dual-use codes matching the selected CN number.

  • Self-Assessment: Users can conduct a "self-assessment" by searching for keywords or codes to identify other relevant dual-use codes.

  • Technical Specification Correlation: For each question on different control lists, users must confirm (Yes/No) whether their product specifications match. They are required to provide a reasoning for their correlation assessment.


  • People Involved: In the Assessment section, users can input information about the individuals involved in preparing the product classification.


  • Completeness Evaluation: The Summary section displays the level of completeness for each section of the product classification. It also shows matching classification codes.

  • Report Generation: Users have the option to download the product classification as a PDF or access it in the "Saved Product Classifications" screen for future reference.

  • Collaboration: The module allows users to share access to the product classification with other members of their company.


RespectUs's Product Classification module streamlines the process of determining whether products are listed in control lists and may require licensing. By offering a comprehensive solution that includes product identification, control list assessment, and assessment management, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of export control compliance.

To explore how RespectUs's Product Classification module can simplify your product classification process and enhance your compliance efforts, please reach out to us. We are here to provide more information, address your inquiries, or arrange a demonstration.

The Team @ RespectUs +352 2786 4009

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