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Online Platform for Export Control Compliance

Our added-value

More and more complex regulations affect exporters, traders, shippers, suppliers, banks and other parties involved in the export, import, transit and otherwise trade of sensitive goods. A violation of these regulations, even unintended, can mean being exposed to financial, operational and reputational losses.

RespectUs platform is offering:

  • Efficient product classification with regard to control lists , and exchange of classification sheets between suppliers and integrators

  • Efficient customer and end-use due diligence

  • Documentation of an internal compliance program

  • Protection against legal fines and/or business suspension

  • Productivity gains (time, resources, money)

  • Proper determination of license requirement

  • Demonstration of overall compliance with export control regulations

The platform is composed of different modules, each of them being able to be subscribed to individually.

You can access the platform here.

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