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Goods generating significant revenues for Russia




It shall be prohibited to purchase, import, or transfer, directly or indirectly, goods which generate significant revenues for Russia thereby enabling its actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine, as listed in Annex XXI into the Union if they originate in Russia or are exported from Russia.


It shall be prohibited to provide technical assistance(...) related to the goods and technology referred to in paragraph 1 and to the provision, manufacture, maintenance and use of those goods and technology, directly or indirectly in relation to the prohibition in (...).


It shall be prohibited to provide (...) brokering services or other services related to the goods and technology referred to in paragraph 1 and to the provision, manufacture, maintenance and use of those goods and technology, directly or indirectly in relation to the prohibition in (...).


It shall be prohibited to provide financing or financial assistance related to the goods and technology referred to in (...) for any purchase, import or transfer of those goods and technology, or for the provision of related technical assistance, brokering services or other services, directly or indirectly in relation to the prohibition in (...).


The prohibitions (...) shall not apply to the execution until 10 July 2022 of contracts concluded before 9 April 2022, or ancillary contracts necessary for the execution of such contracts.

As of 10 July 2022, the prohibitions (...) shall not apply to the import, purchase or transport, or the related technical or financial assistance, necessary for the import into the Union, of:

  • 837 570 metric tonnes of potassium chloride of CN 3104 20 between 10 July of a given year and 9 July of the following year

  • 1 577 807 metric tonnes combined of the other products listed in Annex XXI under CN 3105 20, 3105 60 and 3105 90 between 10 July of a given year and 9 July of the following year

The import volume quotas set out i(...) shall be managed by the Commission and the Member States in accordance with the management system for tariff-rate quotas provided for in Articles 49 to 54 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2447

Products concerned

CN code    Name of the good
0306    Crustaceans, whether in shell or not, live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine; smoked crustaceans, whether in shell or not, whether or not cooked before or during the smoking process; crustaceans, in shell, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water, whether or not chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine
16043100    Caviar
16043200    Caviar substitutes
2208    Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80 % vol; spirits, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages
2303    Residues of starch manufacture and similar residues, beet-pulp, bagasse and other waste of sugar manufacture, brewing or distilling dregs and waste, whether or not in the form of pellets
2523    Portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement, supersulphate cement and similar hydraulic cements, whether or not coloured or in the form of clinkers
ex ex2825    Hydrazine and hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts; other inorganic bases; other metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, except for CN codes 2825 20 00 and 2825 30 00
ex ex2835    Phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphonates (phosphites) and phosphates; polyphosphates, whether or not chemically defined, except for CN code 2835 26 00
ex ex2901    Acyclic hydrocarbons, except for CN code 2901 10 00
2902    Cyclic hydrocarbons
ex ex2905    Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives, except for CN code 2905 11 00
2907    Phenols; phenol-alcohols
2909    Ethers, ether-alcohols, ether-phenols, ether-alcohol-phenols, alcohol peroxides, ether peroxides, acetal and hemiacetal peroxides, ketone peroxides (whether or not chemically defined), and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives
310420    Potassium chloride
310520    Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing the three fertilising elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
310560    Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing the two fertilising elements phosphorus and potassium
ex ex31059020    Other fertilisers containing potassium chloride
ex ex31059080    Other fertilisers containing potassium chloride
3902    Polymers of propylene or of other olefins, in primary forms
4011    New pneumatic tyres, of rubber
44    Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal
4705    Wood pulp obtained by a combination of mechanical and chemical pulping processes
4804    Uncoated kraft paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets, other than that of heading 4802 or 4803
6810    Articles of cement, of concrete or of artificial stone, whether or not reinforced
7005    Float glass and surface ground or polished glass, in sheets, whether or not having an absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer, but not otherwise worked
7007    Safety glass, consisting of toughened (tempered) or laminated glass
7010    Carboys, bottles, flasks, jars, pots, phials, ampoules and other containers, of glass, of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods; preserving jars of glass; stoppers, lids and other closures, of glass
7019    Glass fibres (including glass wool) and articles thereof (for example, yarn, rovings, woven fabrics)
7106    Silver (including silver plated with gold or platinum), unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form
7606    Aluminium plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness exceeding 0,2 mm
7801    Unwrought lead
ex ex8411    Turbojets, turbopropellers and other gas turbines with the exception of parts of turbojets or turbopropellers of CN code 8411 91 00
8431    Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the machinery of headings 8425 to 8430
8901    Cruise ships, excursion boats, ferry-boats, cargo ships, barges and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods
8904    Tugs and pusher craft
8905    Light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, floating cranes, and other vessels the navigability of which is subsidiary to their main function; floating docks; floating or submersible drilling or production platforms
9403    Other furniture and parts thereof

Annex XXI - Entities

1111.    Azatbek Asanbekovich OMURBEKOV
(Russian: Азатбек Асанбекович ОМУРБЕКОВ)    
1112.    Andrei Boevich KURBANOV
(Russian: Андрей Боевич КУРБАНОВ)    
1113.    Viacheslav Sergeevich KLOBUKOV
(Russian: Вячеслав Сергеевич КЛОБУКОВ)    
1114.    Aleksandr Viktorovich VINS
(Russian: Александр Викторович ВИНС)    
1115.    Aleksandr Leonidovich SHERSHNEV
(Russian: Александр Леонидович ШЕРШНЕВ)    
1116.    Sergei Aleksandrovich VETROV
(Russian: Сергей Александрович ВЕТРОВ)    
1117.    Ruslan Ovsepovich MITIAEV
(Russian: Руслан Овсепович МИТЯЕВ)  
1118.    Andrei Nikolaevich ERMISHKO
(Russian: Андрей Николаевич ЕРМИШКО)    
1119.    Maksim Alekseevich PLATONENKOV
(Russian: Максим Алексеевич ПЛАТОНЕНКОВ)    
1120.    Vladimir Viktorovich MATAFONOV
(Russian: Владимир Викторович МАТАФОНОВ)    
1121.    Dmitrii Ivanovich LVOV
(a.k.a. Dmitrii Ivanovich LVIV)
(Russian: Дмитрий Иванович ЛЬВОВ)    
1122.    Evgenii Valerievich LADYZHENSKII
(Russian: Евгений Валерьевич ЛАДЫЖЕНСКИЙ)    
1123.    Dmitrii Viktorovich PAKHANDRIN
(Russian: Дмитрий Викторович ПАХАНДРИН)    
1124.    Anatolii Aleksandrovich SHIPITSYN
(Russian: Анатолий Александрович ШИПИЦЫН)    
1125.    Denis Nikolaevich DEEV
(Russian: Денис Николаевич ДЕЕВ)    
1126.    Oleg Iurievich BUKHVALOV
(Russian: Олег Юрьевич БУХВАЛОВ)    
1127.    Dmitrii Aleksandrovich SMOLIAGO
(Russian: Дмитрий Александрович СМОЛЯГО)    
1128.    Aleksei Viacheslavovich BOLSHAKOV
(Russian: Алексей Вячеславович БОЛЬШАКОВ)    
1129.    Roman Vladimirovich NADEZDHIN
(Russian: Роман Владимирович НАДЕЖДИН)    
1130.    Viktor Vladimirovich FILIPPOV
(Russian: Виктор Владимирович ФИЛИППОВ)    
1131.    Faik Sameddin ogly MAMEDOV
(a.k.a. Faik Samaddin MAMMADOV)
(Russian: Фаик Самеддин оглы МАМЕДОВ)    
1132.    Igor Evgenievich FEDOTOV
(Russian: Игорь Евгеньевич ФЕДОТОВ)  
1133.    German Nikolaevich KULEMIN
(Russian: Герман Николаевич КУЛЕМИН)    
1134.    Roman Victorovich BURDO
(Russian: Роман Викторович БУРДО)    
1135.    Dmitry Arkadyevich KOZLOV
(Russian: Дмитрий Аркадьевич КОЗЛОВ)    
1136.    Ivan Alexandrovich KURKIN
(Russian: Иван Александрович КУРКИН)    
1137.    Evgeny Yurievich VAZHENOV
(Russian: Евгений Юрьевич ВАЖЕНОВ)    
1138.    Dmitry Yulianovich IONOV
(Russian: Дмитрий Юлианович ИОНОВ)    
1139.    Alexander Anatolyevich KOCHERGIN
(Russian: Александр Анатольевич КОЧЕРГИН)    
1140.    Alexander Vladimirovich KOPYLOV
(Russian: Александр Владимирович КОПЫЛОВ)    
1141.    Maxim Vladimirovich CHERNYSHEV
(Russian: Максим Владимирович ЧЕРНЫШЕВ)    
1142.    Stanislav Igorevich MAKAROV
(Russian: Станислав Игорьевич МAКАРОВ)    
1143.    Andrey Nikolaevich IVANOV
(Russian: Андрей Николаевич ИВАНОВ)    
1144.    Sergei Gennadyevich PERESHIVKIN
(Russian: Сергей Геннадьевич ПЕРЕШИВКИН)    
1145.    Aleksey Vladimirovich PRYSEV
(Russian: Алексей Владимирович ПРЫСЕВ)    
1146.    Sergey Viktorovich RUDENKO
(Russian: Сергей Викторович РУДЕНКО)    
1147.    Olga Aleksandrovna KHAMENOK
(Russian: Ольга Александровна ХАМЕНОК)    
1148.    Dmitriy Gennadyevich LEVIN
(Russian: Дмитрий Геннадьевич ЛЕВИН)    
1149.    Dmitriy Alekseevich GONCHAR
(Russian: Дмитрий Алексеевич ГОНЧАР)    
1150.    Sergey Sergeevich ZORIN
(Russian: Сергей Сергеевич ЗОРИН)    
1151.    Aleksandr Aleksandrovich POTAPOV
(Russian: Александр Александрович ПОТАПОВ)    
1152.    Stepan Viktorovich GRIGOROV
(Russian: Степан Викторович ГРИГОРОВ)    
1153.    Sergey Viktorovich MOSALEV
(Russian: Сергей Викторович МОСАЛЕВ)    
1154.    Valentin Pavlovich LUTSAK
(Russian: Валентин Павлович ЛУЦАК)    
1155.    Sergey Nikolaevich BORISENKO
(Russian: Сергей Николаевич БОРИСЕНКО)    
1156.    Marina Alexandrovna MORDASHOVA
(Russian: Марина Александровна МОРДАШОВА)          
1157.    Mikhail Evgenievich MIZINTSEV
(Russian: Михаил Евгеньевич МИЗИНЦЕВ)    
1158.    Elizaveta Dmitrievna PESKOVA
(Russian: Елизавета Дмитриевна ПЕСКОВА)    
1159.    Nikolay Dmitrievich PESKOV
(a.k.a. Nikolay Dmitrievich CHOLES/CHOULZ)
(Russian: Николай Дмитриевич ПЕСКОВ)
(a.k.a. Николай Дмитриевич ЧОУЛЗ)    
1160.    Tatiana Aleksandrovna NAVKA
(Russian: Татьяна Александровна НАВКА)    
1161.    Sergey Vladimirovich SAVOSTYANOV
(Russian: Сергей Владимирович САВОСТЬЯНОВ)    
1162.    Andrei Yurievich LIPOV
(Russian: Андрей Юрьевич ЛИПОВ)    
1163.    Volodymir Vasilyovich SALDO
(Ukrainian: Володимир Васильович САЛЬДО)    
1164.    Kyrylo Sergiyovich STREMOUSOV
(Ukrainian: Кирило Сергiйович СТРЕМОУСОВ)    
1165.    Serhiy Mikolayovich CHEREVKO
(Ukrainian: Сергiй Миколайович ЧЕРЕВКО)    
1166.    Tetiana KUZMICH
(Ukrainian: Тетяна КУЗЬМИЧ)    
1167.    Galina Viktorivna DANILCHENKO
(Ukrainian: Галина Вiкторiвна ДАНИЛЬЧЕНКО)    
1168.    Petr AKOPOV
(Russian: Петр АКОПОВ)    
1169.    Timofey Nikolaevich SERGEYTSEV
(Russian: Тимофей Николаевич СЕРГЕЙЦЕВ)    
1170.    Victoria NIKIFOROVA
(Russian: Виктория НИКИФОРОВА)    
1171.    Alina Maratovna KABAEVA
(a.k.a. Alina Maratovna KABAYEVA)
(Russian: Алина Маратовна КАБАЕВА)  
1172.    Aleksandra MELNICHENKO
(Serbian: Александра МЕЉНИЧЕНКО)  
1173.    Eduard Yurevich KHUDAYNATOV
(Эдуард Юрьевич ХУДАЙНАТОВ)         
1174.    Pavel Evgenevich PRIGOZHIN
(Павел Евгеньевич ПРИГОЖИН)          
1175.    Arkady Yurievich VOLOZH
(Аркaдий Юрьевич ВOЛОЖ)    
(Russian: АО Гарнизон)
(Russian: АО Оборонэнерго)
1186.    OJSC Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ)
(Russian: ООО "Ульяновский автомобильный завод" ( УАЗ))
(Russian: АО "Воентелеком")
(Russian: АО "Военторг")
(Russian: ООО ВоенТекстильПром)
1191.    PJSC KAMAZ alias KAMAZ PTC
(Russian: ПАО "КАМАЗ")
1192.    JSC KRONSHTADT TEKHNOLOGII Group of Companies
(Russian: Кронштадт-технологии группа компаний АО)
1193.    Management Company Tatneft-Neftekhim LLC
(Russian: OOO УК Татнефть-Нефтехим)
1194.    Nizhnekamsk All-Steel Tyre Plant, LLC
(Russian: ООО Нижнекамский завод грузовых шин)
1195.    PJSC Nizhnekamskshina
(Russian: ПАО "Нижнекамскшина")
1196.    LLC TD KAMA
(Russian: ООО ТД „КАМА”) 
1197.    OJSC Balashikha Casting and Mechanical Plant
(Russian: ОАО Балашихинский литейно-механический завод)
a.k.a. OJSC BLMZ
(Russian: ОАО БЛМЗ)  
(Russian: АО "Ремдизель")
1199.    JSC SUKHOI Company
(Russian: ПАО Компания „Сухой“)
(Russian: Акционерное общество „121 авиационный ремонтный завод”)
1101.    National Settlement Depository (NSD)
(Russian: Национальный расчетный депозитарий)
JSC ‘Voentorg-West’;
JSC ‘Voentorg-South’;
JSC ‘Voentorg-Center’;
JSC ‘Voentorg-Vostok’;
JSC ‘Voentorg-Moscow’;
Voentorg-Retail LLC

Legal Source

Council Regulation (EU) 833/2014 of 31 July 2014 concerning certain restrictive measures in view of Russia’s actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine. Article 3i, Annex XXI
The EU Regulation is directly applicable in all EU Member States.
The EU Regulation is based on EU Council Decision 2014/512/CFSP of 31 July 2014 concerning restrictive measures in view of Russia’s actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine. Article 4k