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The documents we are using most in the relations with our customers are here, ready for download.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Prior to transferring confidential information about your company and business.

To work in export control, you often have to share confidential information about your company, products and customers. This agreement protects the party transferring such information, and the one receiving it.

Your journey towards a completed ICP

The Internal Compliance Program - the must have in export control. All you want to know, it's here.

Do's and Don'ts when starting the ICP process. Scope. Structure. Content. Internal project team. External assistance. Validation.

EU Russia Sanctions - coordinated version

Faster than the EU institutions in doing coordinated versions

To make compliance and customer screening, the most effective tool is to have an updated and coordinated version of the relevant EU decisions and regulations. Here they are ... including 7th EU sanctions package of 21 July 2022. Updated: 5 Aug 2022

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Enhanced Due Diligence reports

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Our EDD reports are delivered within 7 business days.

Price: 350 EUR (+VAT if applicable).

Additional 200 EUR for due diligence on shareholder(s).

Reports include the following:

1. Corporate information: identification, contact details, incorporation, shareholders, share capital, branches/facilities, management, employees

2. Business: activities, products and services, customers and partners

3. Financials

4. Adverse media check

5. Regulatory information

6. Red flag issues

7. Noteworthy issues

8. Government and political relations

9. Screening against sanctions lists

Type of report

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