Unawareness. Penalties.

A lot of products and services of a space company are considered as being dual-use, which means for civil and military purposes, or classified as defence-related products.


These are therefore heavily controlled by Government, and often need licenses for certain transactions: export, transfer, transit, brokering, technical assistance, intangible technology transfer.


But space companies and their directors are often careless and unconscious of these license requirements. They run a heavy risk, as penalties may include fines of 1 million euros and more, and imprisonment of up to 10 years.



Digital and automatized

compliance process.

Respectus provides a digital and automatized compliance tool for export control, customized for space technologies. It saves companies in the space sector from fines and penalties by step-by-step guided checklists, templates, policies, procedures and documents to get them Export Control compliant. Its reporting tool can easily be submitted to licensing authorities. It saves time, money and the company’s reputation. 

Respectus provides the correct tools to determine if a license shall be required. These start with proper product classification, customer due diligence, transaction and end-use screening. They consider export control regulations and laws, on European and national level. They also allow to structure export and other transaction in order to avoid unnecessary license applications.


The automatized tool we are developing avoids to juggle with tonnes of Excel sheets and word documents. It integrates all documentation needed to demonstrate compliance and to be shown to licensing authorities. Its components make it the base of an internal compliance program which is required to be implemented to obtain global licenses.



Space technologies are critical for export control regimes. 

international organizations are controlling and limiting trade and

transfers of space technologies, essentially for national and international security reasons. But space companies rarely know how do these controls look like. And what to respect in the strategic and daily business, in order not to contravene international and national rules on export control, and to avoid to run a risk for heavy administrative and criminal sanctions.

Export Control Compliance requires to have a closer look on the technologies themselves, on their possible use, on their classification with regard to dual-use and military lists, as well as on possible sanctions and other restrictive measures dealing with them.


An internal compliance program at the level of the company seems to be the best instrument to achieve and demonstrate compliance with all export control related regulations towards licensing authorities competent to issue authorizations.


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