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Our Platform Modules

We tackle the four critical elements in the export control compliance process: 1) product, 2) customer, 3) destination country, 4) transaction

Knowledge Base

A collection of export control laws and regulations

  • in official versions, and their English translation

  • in coordinated versions

  • updated daily

  • complemented by administrative regulations, soft-law, parliamentary work, academic articles, and case-law where available

  • integrating a search engine by key words, in order to allow users to search for specific articles and provisions

  • provided by RespectUs' Legal and Business Analyst team, in accordance with a strong quality control process and with the help of local correspondents

  • covering in a medium term up to 50 different countries worldwide, starting by the EU, Luxembourg, Germany and France that are already integrated (US to be covered mid 2023, more than 45 other countries to be covered within 2 years)

  • with a free subscription for the year 2023

Contract Review
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Our Pricing

Monthly subscription.

Flat fee, independent from usage.

3 users included in the flat fee.

Choose your modules.

Package with 7 modules, for a better price.

Best value for 3 years contract.

May be cancelled at any time.

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